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Convenient Makeup Application

Imagine never having to put makeup on, but always having those cosmetic enhancements applied gently and naturally on your face just once. If you wear makeup every day or even if you're allergic to traditional cosmetics, the pain-free SofTap procedure is the right procedure for you. You can get perfect makeup application like penciled-in eyebrows and vibrant, symmetrical lips. Our permanent cosmetics will never smear even if you work out. You won't have to spend another dime on makeup kits, but you'll save money by getting the permanent cosmetic SofTap process. This natural application can be changed anytime and is appropriate for faces of all shapes.

Cosmetics That Cover Medical Situations

Everyone deserves to look beautiful, even those who have medical conditions like alopecia and vitiligo. Our permanent makeup also covers and improves the look of skin after medical procedures, such as scarring and hair loss due to chemotherapy. People of all races, ages, and genders can benefit from SofTap application. Any complications or irritations that may occur are normal. No money will be returned at any time.

Post-Application Care

Get the most out of your permanent makeup with continual facial washing and skin care regimens. With the daily removal and renewal of cells, Martha strongly advises an ongoing permanent makeup rejuvenation routine at least yearly or every six months as a refreshment of beauty.

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Added Thickness for Your Eyebrows

Are you looking to improve your eyebrows? It's time to create a masterpiece from your natural beautiful eyebrows. Perfect Touch Spa is proud to perform 3D microblading to enhance the area above your gorgeous eyes. As your brows are given thickness, they draw people to your best features. 


Manipulating Pigments

Fall in love with your youthful face in addition to your reinforced eyebrows. With our relatively new microblading technology, we use a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis.

Our spa's talented medical permanent makeup artist, Martha, feathers the appearance of delicate hairs into the surface of the skin creating the illusion of new beautiful thick eyebrows. Learn more about this process here